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Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse is primarily played in Canada but quickly spreading throughout the United States. It is played on a standard sized arena floor and features 6 players (goaltender and five runners) on the floor at one time. Standard goal size is 4' by 4'. The style of the game is quick, accelerated by the close confines of the floor and a shot clock. The shot clock requires the attacking team to take a shot on goal within 30 seconds of gaining possession of the ball. Box lacrosse is also a much more physical game then field lacrosse. Since cross checking is legal in box lacrosse, players wear rib pads in addition to the shoulder and elbow pads that field lacrosse players wear. Box lacrosse players wear a different type of helmet as well, a hockey helmet with a box lacrosse cage.

Practices and games are held in Enderby and Salmon Arm. The season runs from March to June and begins in Enderby and once the ice has been removed from Shaw Center, in Salmon Arm, we move to this location.

Field Lacrosse

Field Lacrosse is typically played on a field 100 m long and 55 m wide. There are ten players in each team: three attackers, three midfielders, three defenders, and one goalie. Defensive and Offensive players may not pass the center line, however Midfielders or "Middies" are allowed anywhere on the field and may play offense and defense. The goals are 6 feet by 6 feet and sit inside a circular "crease", measuring 18 feet in diameter. A maximum of four players on the field per team may carry a "long crosse" (sometimes called "long pole", "long stick" or "d-pole") which is 52 inches to 72 inches long; typically used by defenders or midfielders.

The Shuswap Minor Lacrosse Association has been hosting Field Lacrosse divisions for 3 seasons in Salmon Arm. The season runs from August to November and games are played on Sundays at various locations throughout the Interior. These Field teams have really helped to improve the quality of play for Box.

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SMLA Annual General Meeting Monday September 24th, 2018 at 7:00 pm @ Uptown Askews in the Community room

Shuswap Minor Lacrosse Association AGM
Wednesday, November 29 2017
Downtown Activity Centre – Library
451 Shuswap St S, Salmon Arm, BC

All SMLA members are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Shuswap Minor Lacrosse Association.

Thanks to all the people who came out to the recent AGM for Shuswap Minor Lacrosse.

The draw for the free registration was won by Lianne Dwornik however she chose to re-gift the registration to the gent that came specifically to register…. Todd Morton (Daniel) you won free registration for 2018!!! Please get in touch with our registrar, Mae (registrar@shuswapminorlacrosse.com).

The 2018 Shuswap Minor Lacrosse Association Board:

President: Karen Peters

Immediate Past President: Darcy Mooney

Vice President: Lianne Dwornik

Treasurer: Sharel Siarkiewicz

Secretary: Heather Davis

Registrar: Mae Dodge

Head Scheduler: Vacant

Equipment Manager: Jeff Peters

Manager Coordinator: Bari Leonard

Website Coordinator: Lianne Dwornik

Head Referee: Brecken Peters

Fund Raising Sponsorship Coordinator: Reina McLeod

Publicist/ Promoter: Vacant

Head Coach: Vacant

Tournament Coordinator: Vacant

As you can see we weren’t able to fill all the positions – we are still looking for a Head Scheduler, Publicist, Head Coach, and a Tournament Coordinator. We can use your help ;)

Vancouver Stealth Back for 2018!

The Vancouver Stealth are back for another season of exciting National Lacrosse League action at the Langley Events Centre! Come out and cheer on the squad in their quest for the NLL Champions Cup.

Season tickets are on sale now - save 20% off single game tickets!
Visit http://www.stealthlax.com/season-tickets/

What's New

Lacrosse is Canada’s national summer sport and is considered the fastest game on two feet. The Thompson Okanagan Region has a long standing reputation in the game of Lacrosse and the Shuswap Minor Lacrosse Association is proud to offer the youth of the Shuswap a positive and safe recreational choice. This Fall, we are excited to announce the formation of our own Field Lacrosse Divisions. Registration is now available from the Registration page.

Next Board Meeting -

The next SMLA AGM Meeting will be held at Askews Monday September 24th at 7:00pm

Please refer to the SMLA - Documents Page for more information about the SMLA, including contact information and documents.

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